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There is a minimum booking charge of £500. This charge includes meals for up to 40 guests(menu 1) and all our logistical and staffing costs. Any further numbers of guests above the 40 are then charged at the 'per head' rates mentioned below. 'Extras' prices will be added to total number of guests. It is no mean feat getting everything and everyone to your venue and this has to reflect in the set up cost. We won't cut corners in making your event special.

party and Function Menus

Our Cantina Street Food menu is available for your Party or Function. We can of course work with you to create a bespoke menu that may better suit your event. We also provide supersizing options on the menu.

  • menu 1 - Cantina - £5/head
  • menu 2 - Cantina + Choice of Supersize options  +£2/head
  • menu 3 - Cantina + Both Supersize options  +£4/head

Supersize options:

  • Chips with Salsa, Guacamole and Red Pepper & Jalapeno Hummous Dips, plus Salads - Mex Bean Salad, Tomato Red Onion Balsamic, Mex Colesalw, Garlic Potato Salad, Fresh Coleslaw, Sweetcorn Red Pepper Salad, Green Salad.
  • 'All you can eat' -  Guests can return for MORE.

Menu 1 Cantina

Dishes are made to order with freshly prepared ingredients. Including vegetarian and gluten free versions.

Cost: £5.00 per head for any number of guests above the 40 included in the set up charge.

Menu 2

Our Cantina Menu as above, but with:

'ALL YOU CAN EAT' option



 Cost: Menu 1 + £2.00 per head for total number of guests

Menu 3

Our Cantina Menu as above, but with both




 Cost: Menu 1 + £4.00 per head for total number of guests



Please note, this is just a guide price - for a full quote please contact us directly.

"My husband-to-be and I are massive fans of your burritos. We want you for our Wedding."

- Polly C.

@burritostall Apologies to everyone who came to salisbury market for burritos, but unfortunately we are having to p…