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If Mexican is not your thing…

Not everyone wants to offer Mexican street food at their event, but we have some good news for you! Cantina el Burrito is just one part of Sarum Catering, our mobile catering company, offering a selection of lovely street food options for all types of events and all tastes.

Here’s a selection of the street food pop ups we offer, with more options coming soon. If you are looking to cater for a large event or festival, we can bring all sorts of options with us to create your very own food court. For event organisers, this is super easy. You only have to deal with one trustworthy company- us!

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The Bratman

Authentic German Bratwurst street food; super satisfying and tasty street food to keep everyone happy. Our winning combinations of freshly sizzled delicious German Bratwursts, with a variety of tasty toppings, elevate sausage street food to stratospheric levels of mmmmm!

That’s Toastie!

The ultimate in comfort food, elevated to new levels of yumminess. Choose one of our classic tasty toasties, made with fresh and flavourful ingredients, grilled to perfection. Or go international and enjoy one of our special mouthwatering toasties offering a flavour nod to Mexico, Spain, Italy or America.

Burger it!

Beef, chicken or vegan. Burgers are the original street food and catering van classic. They never go out of style, particularly our amazing Burger It! specials. Always made with high quality, fresh ingredients and all the best toppings, sauces and sides. Your guests and visitors will love our locally sourced 100% king steak burgers, tasty fried chicken, super succulent vegan burgers, and loaded fries.

American hotdog stand

Jumbo dogs, Vienna beef hotdogs, chilli dogs, franks, vegan dogs, and kids dogs. Loaded with onions and sauces; an American classic you won’t be disappointed with. It’s the perfect sized pop up for smaller parties and functions and is fully mobile.

Cajun Swamp Shack

They truly do know how to ‘do’ tasty food in the deep south! Bring a Cajun taste to your event with the Swap Shack mobile food pop up. Strong flavours with West African, Spanish and French influences, the Cajun Swamp Shack delivers delicious southern comfort food with an almighty kick!

The Rice Box

Experience a taste of Asia from The Rice Box. It’s all about fragrance and subtle flavours, freshly pan-cooked right in front of you and served with rice in a box. Choose a meaty option of Malaysian spicy chicken and coconut curry or our Indian chicken tomato and chick pea curry. Go vegan with our tasty Malaysian spicy tofu and coconut curry.

Mac Shack

Who doesn’t love a steaming bowl of macaroni dripping in a heavenly cheesy sauce and glorious melted cheese? Jazz up your mac ‘n’ cheese with extra toppings. We serve up themed bowls from Italy, Brooklyn, Paris, Mexico and Spain if you fancy that instead!

Bring a bowl of comfort to your event with our Mac Shack food pop up.