our Story

– bitten by the buRRito bug –


our story

We have always had a passion for food in all it’s guises. We consider ourselves life-long foodies, and as chefs albeit younger ones, we travelled and worked around the world seeking out the best in local cuisine and learning from the best of the locals. After a long stint in southern Spain, knowing a Mexican family we were bitten by the Latin bug. It hurt quite a lot and left a nasty red mark, but all things considered we were happy to be converted. The vibrancy of the food alone gives your taste buds a fiesta all their own. It takes some effort to rein them in again and get them to behave. They’ll suffer in the morning!

Now settled back in our hometown of Salisbury, We have turned our passion for good food into a passion for promoting good food. We opened a Mexican Street Food catering business.

Cantina el burrito.