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…our food

Bursting with color and flavour, you’ll see as you look through this site that there are quite a few components to Mexican food, which is what makes it so versatile, there’s something for everyone. We won’t cut corners or buy the ready made equivalent in the wholesalers, every ingredient has to be made from scratch, and you can tell the difference in the taste and the nutrition.

The hallmark of Mexican food doesn’t have to be chillis, indeed it’s great without, you can control the heat by adding your choice of chilli sauce, if any!. At Cantina el Burrito you can sample all of our sauces from Southern all the way up to our ‘stupid’ sauce. So you know exactly how spicy they are. If chillis aren’t your thing finish off with our tangy southern sauce or our spicy chipotle sauce.

At Cantina el Burrito all our food is made to order. All our salsas are freshly prepared and all dishes come with a choice of vegetarian/vegan or meat fillings. For those of you with a gluten intolerance we have gluten free wraps. Our Chicken is Halal.

There are many regional variations of food in Mexico. The Spanish, and later the French both influenced the cuisine and introduced various types of bread. Leading to……

…hmmm burritos!

One of our most popular meals is the burrito, a thin flatbread tortilla filled with a range of ingredients. At Cantina el Burrito we prepared ours fresh, from scratch. People love them with a passion with the real star of the meal being what you put in them.

You can watch them being prepared to order as layer upon layer of unctuous goodness is piled inside.  A typical burrito has Mex rice, Mexican beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, fresh pica de gallo salsa, coriander, jalapenos, lettuce, shredded red cabbage and your choice of sauces plus a serving of smokey Fajita Chicken, griddled lime & chilli chicken, spicy beef or chilli con carne. We obviously have vegetarian options including Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tinga,  or just a Veggie Bean Chilli. So a few ingredients then!!

“It’s a perfect way to do evening food after such a formal event as a Wedding, thanks again.”

– Sabrina G.