What We do


….What We do

Cantina el Burrito vary their approach to getting Mexican Street Food out there to everyone:

  • Private and Corporate Catering – parties, weddings, birthdays, in fact any special occasion or function.
  • Events and Festival Catering – larger built up Themed Food Stands for larger multi day events.
  • Mobile Event Catering – smaller events with Gazebo Food Stands for Markets, Food Festivals and Local Events.

Mexican street Food is fast gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting and extensive cuisines in the world. Dishes that started life on the streets are now so sought after they’ve been adopted by higher class eateries and added to their menu.

This amazing cuisine now has UNISECO listing it for its heritage value in the same way that the Mediterranean diet is. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation keep a list of intangible heritage practices as well as historic sites.

It’s easy to think of the hallmark of Mexican food as chillies, and they do feature widely in the meals. Yet Mexican cuisine is just as famous for its fresh, vibrant tasting food, full of nourishment and goodness. We have meals which are just as nice and aren’t chilli based. Even our burritos are never hot. Heat is available with our sauces which are made from chillies. They are clearly marked with their level of heat. One ‘X’ is mild, two ‘XX’ less so, three ‘XXX’ is hot, but if its real heat you want try the clearly marked ‘stupid!’ All our chillies are grown locally by a former member of the Clifton Chilli Club, who really knows his chillies, but if chillies aren’t your thing, try our Secret Southern Sauce to finish it off.

Guide books are bursting with suggestions about where this wonderful food can be found, and there are specialist guides who will take you around various street markets and show you the food of different regions.

But if you live near Salisbury, we have a Street Food Stall at the Charter Market where you can eat this cuisine regularly. You’ll see as you look through this site that there are quite a few components to Mexican food, which is what makes it so versatile, there’s something for everyone. Vegetarian and Gluten Free tastes are catered for. We serve guacamole (sauce with a basis of avocado, red onion, lime juice and tomato), pulled pork Carnitas, salsa, a blend of fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices, all made fresh on site daily. We won’t cut corners or buy the ready made equivalent in the wholesalers, every ingredient has to be made from scratch, and you can tell the difference in the taste and the nutritional value.